Homework 1


I feel I am stuck in a rut when I come home after finishing my housework every single day. Lots of stuff trap me. I want to make some changes, more available time!

i am trapped by lots stuff.

It’s less likely to stick when you get off work with your tired body and you still need to done all of your housework.

i am exhausted with the housework

stick with something hobbit or bat hobbit

Charlene was deprived of dating someone because she needs to teach Patrick to know how to talk with other people.


Programming is a ton(s) of fun, but it’s less likely to stick with, because you need to study, survey or google all the time, and you are bombarded with lots of information  . You need to catch up all the things were published on the internet sustainably .

In front my house, there is a long and cliffy road. My daughters are very exiting when we ride down the rapids, it makes them laugh and happy.


If you are still on the fence, give it a shot, and see what happens!

Why don’t you answer me? Cat got your tongue?

I win the 1 million dollars in the lottery and I  let the cat out of the bag., now everyone knows that!

When I done my dinner, I was look like the cat that ate the canery .


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