Foot the bill

-Today is my birthday, so I need to foot the god damn bill.

Face the music

-The cram school teacher doesn’t face the music because he involved a sexual abuse(scandal) and this is the breaking news in Taiwan .


Box somebody’s ears

-I always reminder myself do not punish kids by boxing their ears.

Run a temperture

-My first daughter has run a tempeture in the past three days, I have been a bit worried about her. Fortunately,the fevor was lowered  yesterday.

Pass the time of day

-I have seen the video that the director gave himself a challenge to pass the time of day to one hundred people in the street and hoped to receive feedback.

pass on (something gets passed on)

-The government ignores the people in spite of the fact a lot of news get passed on.

gratitude for (感謝的事情)

-Don’t mistake gratitude for passion.

-If I get offer from WordPress, I will show my gratitude for  Charlene’d kind support .

get caught up in something

-I have mentioned that I got caught up in daily work.


-A woman straddles two seats with her fatty butt and that makes her look hilarious . I realize something, I don’t have the heart of  gold.


-Have a five minutes contemplation is good for life.


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