-Her behavior’s audacity shocked me!


-I were cranky if I would go to bed late.


-Charlene is erect, confident and when she teaches English , her words comes without a quiver.


-I looked at Charlene with grin and told her she was not looked like 35 , it was 25.


-You always need to defy you partner because if you step back, they will go head.

tear up

-I teared up when I saw my paycheck.

weep, shade, cry tears of joy (choose one of the verbs for a sentence.)

-I were wept tears of joy if I would get offer from automattic.

 let the cat of the bag

-it’s said by Charlene! I don’t let the cat out of the bag.

break a leg

-go break a leg! Hope I can get gob this time.


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