Homework 3

Compare with see, watch, look at, glimpse, glance,

See means to notice something with your eyes, either deliberately or accidentally

Watch means to deliberately pay attention to something for quite a long time

When you look at something, you deliberately turn your eyes towards it in order to see it


Charlene glanced at my homework and told me that was excellent!

I glimpse the house at night.

[make sentences]

predicament: I told my Don’t put me into this predicament.  It’s insufferable.

a sales pitch: My dream is I can give Matt a sales pitch perfectly.

pitch: The pitcher exhausted the most pitch he could throw today.

humanize: The movie Logan is the best super movie I have ever seen. The director humanized the role in this movie was amazing.

keep up with:  Kids always try to keep up with the Joneses.

summon: Sometime I will  summon me to study hard.

endear to: Programming is endeared to me by interesting, creation and imagination.

improvise: I improvised making sentences this week without using copied and pasted.

mean: The girl is as fat as a pig. you are so mean!

meme: Mariah Carey’s new year’s live performance  became the first meme in 2017.

Elephant in the room

when discussing homework , Patrick is elephant in the room.




see, watch, look, read的不同




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