Homework 2

Cyber bully

-I don’t like cyber bullies, because troll always hides and talks shit. Just like Taylor Swift says: haters gonna hate.


-When my girl touched my face with shit, I had a meltdown and I knew she would crash later.

Talk turkey

-Ok, let’s talk turkey. Do you finish your homework?

Storm off

-Charlene stormed off when she found out Patrick didn’t finish his homework.

Wing it

-If there are many people listening to my speech, I will get nervous and forget what to say and  I always will wing it.


-After rehearsing actions in my head, I encourage to do diaper changed.

At one point or another= at several different time

-We all have our share of grief at one point or another in our lives.

Know your onions,

-I really know your onions is talkative.(X)

-i know my onions is coding.

Worn out = exhausted = beat = extremely tired

-I’m worn out when weekend comes.

Usher in(with happy sanario)

-The 228 incident was painful, heavy and indelible. We need to usher in happy instead of grief .


-You can’t easily expose your vulnerability when you are presenting in the meeting.


I felt a wet, weird sensation in my skin. OMG! My daughter was peeing on me!


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