30 days challenge (day 2)

In 2nd day , I almost forgot I had challenge for this XD, let’s go back to the topic I want share a story about my daughter.

One day, I was got off work and finished dinner, then I started to clean house and prepared lunch for tomorrow. Because I need to cook in the kictchen, and I couldn’t see them face to face.

Suddenly I heard a noisy, loudy with crazy crying. I went to the crime scence immediately and saw Miar was fallan down from the table, Miyi was standing on the table with victory smile and hold the cookies in her hand.

I was too angry to yell to her. Wtf at u doing!! I was out of control and didn’t notice she just a one year and eight months baby!I shouldn’t do this to her!

But she responsed me with angry , and say something I couldn’t realize like “dada dada dada”.  With my realized, it can translate to “Fuck u! You ar old and fool! It’s not my business, Miar should take care by herself!

I was expected she should start to cry, but my answer was wrong! She was amazing me again!


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