30 days challenge (day1)

When I read this video, I was thinking mybe I need to start to change my life immediately.

30 days challenge
So I started to think what I can do and isdoes it have something I want to do but I’m not doing well!

Yes! Study English! I always want to improve my English but always with excause and failed ending. 

From scratch, I started to study English from my teacher charlene, I wish I can do the best in this class. She really is a good teacher. I like her, full of passion, hardworking, patient with me. I sweared the god I would do my best for her working hard!

Now, I decide to share my life everyday with English until 30days!

This is roast beef for my dinner. I ate a lots and felt happiness.

It was bought from casco with my wife when we have lunch break. We bought chicken cheaster, beef, pork ,lots of meat for our meal.  Why do we buy such many meat? Because We want to do some way for dieting. Eating chicken cheaster and broccoli for lunch.  It’s disgusting if you eat every day, we would talk in the future.

“Stuck in a rut” is my new word in class this week, it means that when something is not changed and you don’t feel passion for it. You could say I’m stuck in a rut with blablabla …

At last paragraph , I would show you my pride, Ami sister! My twin girl! 


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