One day tripper 

This is crazy and tough for us to be a day tripper because we have 1.5 years old twins stay at home.

After hard work and packing our laguage, we went to airport and leave ami to the baby sister.

This is camera from my room and miyi was having shit xd

This temple is near by 二木の菓子 in ueno. Because we arrived early, so we took a rest and enjoyed this moment.

This is my favorite ramen in the world! It’s super delicious! Omg! I am missing it right now!

The temperature outside is almost 3degrees!

This is Japanese rice ball, the boss is nice but the meal is not good

I like this place, square gradan  nearby Ebisu museum in Shibuya.  

Deep fried beef steak! Tasted good but I wan fulled of my stomach!

This time we don’t travel ami together because time is not enough. Maybe next time we will do it!


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